January's a strange month isn't it?

The house can feel a bit gloomy and less cosy now that the tree and lights have been boxed away...almost a little mournful. Outside it's grey and cold, perhaps wet and windy...inside there's a kind of stagnant limbo - haunted by the ghost of Christmas just past and yet too soon to get excited about the promise of Spring.

Perhaps it's time to give the house an 'out with the old and in with the new' freshen-up..... a change of 'perfume', a new and uplifting ambience to finally rid it of those seasonal ghosts.

This can easily be achieved by choosing the right oils/combination of oils in air fresheners, furniture and curtain sprays, oil burners and fragranced candles.

Personally I think Bergamot is one of the most uplifting oils in this respect, without being too stimulant.  It's a relaxing oil which lifts the spirits but it also has a fresh aroma and so it's ideal for injecting a 'new' feel to your home.

Use a plant spray containing water and essential oils to spray furniture, curtains and the room itself. The bottle must be shaken vigorously each time it's used in order to disperse the oil.  If you're using a plastic plant sprayer make sure you empty the mixture from the bottle afterwards as the oils can react with the plastic if left. It's probably best to invest in a ceramic plant spray when you can - the oil mixture won't become tainted if left in the bottle and they're prettier too.

Use the radiator method (saucer of water containing essential oils) placed on top - it's winter so make use of the heating to permeate the air. Revitalise your pot-pourri with your own essential oils...much nicer than buying synthetic pot-pourri revivers.  Place a cotton wool ball with 6 to 8 drops of essential oil inside your vacuum cleaner's bag to perfume the air when 'hoovering' or simply burn the oils either using a burner or by carefully placing a few drops into the molten wax pool at the top of a candle.

Here are a couple of air-freshener blends that I find not only uplift the ambience of the house itself but also the spirits of those who dwell there.

To 200 mls of water, add:

Lemon 10 drops
Geranium 4 drops
Pettigraine 3 drops
Sandalwood 2 drops


Bergamot 10 drops
Lavender 6 drops
Orange 5 drops

If you're new to aromatherapy and essential oils and haven't got a collection of oils to blend, just buying one or two of the citrus oils, such as orange, mandarin, lemon or grapefruit is a great way to start blending your own air-fresheners - they have such clean, fresh comforting aromas.


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