Following on from our article about the ancient zodiac system known as Naivsku, this is our own interpretation of each sign, taken from information compiled by the Entomozodiac Project, who are a team of archeologists and anthropologists carrying out research into this little known zodiac system.

To obtain a more personal description of your Insect Sign characteristics your actual birth date can be used, but for a quick light-hearted overview of your Insect-self read on.  For the sake of this article we've implied that the insects are men - but we don't really think all men are insects (don't we??  NO, OF COURSE NOT!) - obviously, the Insect Zodiac applies to both genders.   Don't worry too much if you're one of the more unattractive looking insects....what you see isn't necessarily what you get!



The Beetle - 22nd September to 22nd October

This is the first sign of the zodiac, originating from the star constellation Beetle between Bee and Ant, and often represented as a Scarab beetle. Beetles are often depicted as cheerful, optimistic, harmonious and sympathetic. They can also be indecisive, changeable and impatient and, although generally peaceful and placid, when they do occasionally lose their temper this can be sudden and very explosive.

Colours: Lavender, Pale Green, Pink
Conclusion: A chirpy little fella...but watch step!


The Ant - 23rd October to 21st November

The second sign of the zodiac originating from the star constellation Ant between Beetle and Wasp. Amongst the many possible traits are ambition, determination, resourcefulness and a desire for power. The ant can be the most loyal of friends or the most treacherous of enemies - tending to be vengeful and unforgiving if hurt. However, the ant can also be very charming, devoted and loyal towards people he likes. The Ant is exciting, brooding, passionate and magnetically attractive.

Colours: Black, Dark Red, Maroon
Conclusion: Was our Henry(VIII) a closet Ant??


The Wasp - 22nd November to 21st December

The third astrological sign, originating from the star constellation Wasp between Ant and Mantis. The Wasp is cheerful, humorous, confident and cocky....disliking chores, routine and having to explain himself. The Wasp is a risk-taker - adventurous, ambitious, energetic and free-spirited with a generous, honest and sincere nature.  A fun-to-be-around freedom lover who dislikes being 'tied-down'.

Colours: Blue, Purple
Conclusion: Yer typical cheeky chappy...naughty but nice :)


The Mantis - 22nd December - 21st January

The fourth zodiac sign, originating from the star constellation Mantis between Wasp and Butterfly. The Mantis is aloof, business-like, career orientated and sometimes dictatorial. Alongside this, the Mantis can also be very loyal, dependable, patient and reliable. He can be quite unimaginative and very traditional, but the Mantis also possesses great wisdom and shrewdness.

Colours: Black, Dark Brown, Grey
Conclusion: Note to Self - must make appointment with Bank Manager :(


The Butterfly - 22nd January to 20th February

The fifth zodiac sign originating from the star constellation Butterfly, sitting between Mantis and Housefly. The Butterfly is clever, witty, far-sighted, opinionated and rebellious. The butterfly can be extremely friendly, sociable, unbiased and very tolerant of other peoples' views but he can also be cold, unemotional and detached. The butterfly is free-spirited - devoted to their own goals - often shirking personal commitment.

Colours: Electric Blue, Turquoise
Conclusion: Excellent gigolo material


The Housefly - 21st February to 23rd March

The sixth zodiac sign originating from the star constellation Housefly, sitting between Butterfly and Moth. The Housefly can be dreamy, spiritual, sensitive and artistic. The Housefly likes mystical settings, enchantment and likes to consider himself as unique. Laziness, indecisiveness and self-pity are also common traits but overall the Housefly is generally good-natured, gentle and easy-going!

Colours: Indigo, Soft Pea Green, Violet
Conclusion: Harry Potter?


The Moth - 24th March to 22nd April

The seventh zodiac sign originating from the star constellation Moth, between Housefly and Cockroach. The Moth is described as arrogant, moody, opinionated and unwilling to compromise. However, these traits are accompanied by great generosity and courage, enthusiasm and frankness.  The Moth displays characteristics of leadership and a pioneering soul.

Colour: Red
Conclusion: Lord Sugar wannabe


The Cockroach - 23rd April to 23rd May

The eighth zodiac sign originating from the star constellation Cockroach, between Moth and Mosquito. The Cockroach can be affectionate, loving loyal and dependable. He can also be stubborn, possessive, disciplined and angry. The Cockroach possesses great strength, likes his food and has a tendency to over-indulge. He also has quite materialistic traits but this is balanced out by his generosity and trustworthiness

Colours: Lemon, Light Blue, Pink
Conclusion: A St. Bernard (without the fur)


The Mosquito - 24th May to 22nd June

The ninth sign of the zodiac, originating from the constellation Mosquito and sitting between Cockroach and Dragonfly. The Mosquito is adaptable, charming and clever with a curious nature and youthful outlook. He can also be devious, restless and superficial with a dislike of being alone or in a rut. The Mosquito doesn't like conventional learning, preferring communication and the exchange of ideas.  Witty and entertaining but dislikes being tied-down.

Colours: Yellow, Rainbow
Conclusion: What's it all about Alfie?


The Dragon Fly - 23rd June to 23rd July

The tenth zodiac sign, originating from the star constellation Dragonfly, between Mosquito and Grasshopper. The Dragonfly has strong maternal instincts, a caring disposition and love of the home which suggests that he is well equipped for the role of parent or caregiver....although there is also a tendency towards being over-protective and perhaps a little clingy. The Dragonfly also has an adventurous side, enjoying challenges, travel and romance.

Colours: Sea Green, Silver, White
Conclusion: Mrs. Doubtfire


The Grasshopper - 24th July to 22nd August

The eleventh sign of the zodiac, originating from the star constellation Grasshopper, sitting between Dragonfly and Bee. The Grasshopper can appear to be a bit snobbish. He dislikes being compared to other people and dislikes 'small-minded' people. He's vain, pompous, intolerant and pretentious with a love of grandeur, adornment, luxury and being in the spotlight BUT he can also be warm-hearted, loving and generous. A confident, creative character with a love of drama, fashion and beautiful things.

Colours: Gold, Orange
Conclusion: 'Shaken but not stirred'


The Bee - 23rd August to 21st September

The twelfth sign of the zodiac, originating in the star constellation Bee, sitting between Grasshopper and Beetle. The Bee is very energetic and hardworking with a desire to achieve perfection in everything he does. In everyday life he is methodical, meticulous and orderly - to a point that might be irritating to others. He is very conventional and almost regimental in his outlook. He dislikes squalor, sloppiness, health hazards and uncertainty. He likes cleanliness, wholesomeness, order, health foods - and making lists!  The Bee is clever and witty with impeccable manners and hygiene.

Colours: Brown, Green, Navy Blue

Conclusion: C3PO!


If you're interested in delving a little further into your Insect Zodiac, the TEP website can give you a more personalised characterisation by using your date of birth. You can assist the TEP research by carrying out a short 'characteristics' questionnaire. It's an interesting subject and the website gives a fuller explanation of what TEP have discovered about this ancient zodiac system so far.


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