The two most famous female pirates, Anne Bonney and Mary Read fought on a famous pirate ship called the Revenge.

Anne who had a rich father, married a pirate named James Bonny and soon realized that James had only married her to get her father's money. She ran away with another pirate named "Calico Jack" Rackham and became a pirate herself by dressing up and pretending to be a man.

Mary, who was born in London, spent most of her life dressed up as a man - even her mother dressed her up as a boy. Mary was travelling on a ship when it was captured by John Rackham and she became a member of his crew as a pirate.

In 1720, the pirate ship Revenge was caught and Anne, Mary Read and "Calico Jack" were sent to trial for being pirates. Anne and Mary admitted they were women and begged to be set free. Both women were supposed to be hanged but Mary died in prison of a fever and Anne disappeared.  It is believed that her father "bought" her freedom.



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