Does your front door colour speak the truth about you?  What does it say to visitors and passers-by about the person/s living behind it?  UK 'researchers' have discovered that the colour you choose for your front door often conveys the type of person you are.

For instance, the researchers have found that a red door person is normally the most extroverted and has a relaxed attitude to life.

In Scotland, a red door often signifies that the property is paid off and the owners are mortgage-free which sort of ties in with a 'relaxed attitude to life'.

In Feng Shui and many other cultures a red door simply means 'welcome'.

In China, a red door is the equivalent of a 'welcome' mat but it also symbolises luck - so the door not only welcomes visitors but it also encourages good luck to enter the house. In colonial America, a house with a red door was often looked out for by weary whitedoortravellers, as it represented a warm welcome and safe haven.

Historically, white has always represented purity and serenity and the researchers discovered that a white door signifies the owner is content with his/her life.  White can also signify cleanliness and a fresh start, which may be why many people choose this colour for their front door on moving into a new home. 

bluedoorBlue, in Feng Shui, is associated with water....calm, soothing and prosperous.  Blue of any shade, light or dark, is depicted as a heavenly colour in biblical terms and blue is also the colour of loyalty - so a house with a front door painted blue can be a sign of calm, loyalty and wealth within.

A black door projects strength, power and authority and is an indication to all, that this home is a serious place - inhabited by a person of substance. The owner of a black front door is supposedly very successful in his/her career - and, accordingly, number 10 has a black front door!


Do you have a purple front door? If so, you are probably bubbly and very talkative, as a purple front door is a sign of a very sociable owner with a wide circle of friends according to the researchers. However, in some cultures purple is a symbol of royalty and spiritual wealth and it is widely accepted as the most spiritual colour. It isn't common to see a purple front door in the UK and, so, choosing this could also indicate individuality and open-mindedness.  The rare owner of a pink front door is mischievous and very daring.....obviously.

greendoorIn China, green symbolises the life cycle and growth, and in the US green is the colour of safety and a zest for life. Green is considered generally to be a calming and stress-relieving colour. According to the UK researchers, green front door owners are amongst the most intelligent, sophisticated and trustworthy. They consider themselves to be the best neighbours.


According to the UK research, yellow front door owners are the most likely to admit to being a bad neighbour...being the loudest. However they are the biggest earners too - which probably gives them something to shout about! In Feng Shui, it's considered advisable to paint your door yellow if your house points northeast, northwest or southeast - in order to channel positive energy. But in Western cultures yellow has contradictory meanings ranging from joy, happiness, hope and imagination to cowardice, jealousy and dishonesty.  Personally, I like yellow - it's the colour of sunshine - and I've never seen a yellow front door that didn't give the house appeal, but obviously it depends on your own view of the colour - good, or bad?yellowdoor2

A brown front door, whether painted or natural, can send out different messages. On the one hand it conveys an earthy warmth, stability and reliability - but go too dark and it can give the impression of a need for complete privacy or even isolation....making the house seem uninviting.

The researchers also discovered that 70% of British people think a scruffy front door gives a bad first impression and 9/10 believe that a nice front door is essential for a house to look welcoming.

Obviously when choosing a colour for your front door there are other considerations such as style and age, of both house and door, so the final choice of colour will probably end up being a compromise between personality and aesthetics....but you can certainly personalise your home by giving your front door a colour chosen by you, instead of the previous owner.

Out with old as they say...



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