Whether you already love the deliciously earthy, sweet taste, or are looking to enjoy the beautiful beet for the first time, the infused range makes for a lively and flavour-packed salad or a tasty and all-natural snack.

Packed with flavour, infused beetroots come in Sweet Chilli, Honey and Ginger, Juniperberry and Black Pepper, Lime Zest, Red Wine Vinegar and Orange Blossom Honey flavours, offering a quick and convenient way to spice up dishes when a craving for lip-smacking taste kicks in.

Made with all-natural ingredients, the range is simply made up of freshly-cooked baby or rosebud beetroots that have been infused with a natural flavourful marinade, to create a taste bud adventure to suit all palates.

A soon-to-be summer food staple, Sweet Chilli Infused Beetroot, also known as Spicy Sweet and Fiery, Sweetflame and Sweetfire®, packs a punch in taste and is a delicious accompaniment to poultry, fish and citrus fruits. Spice up a ploughman’s lunch or serve chopped up in a jacket potato with a dollop of sour cream for a delicious light lunch. Sweet Chilli is also a great way to add additional flavour to sandwiches or cold meats.

For a taste of the Orient, try stirring sweet and warm-tasting chopped Honey and Ginger Infused Beetroot through noodles and serve with chicken or barbequed pork for an Asian dish you can enjoy with friends and family. A perfect contrast to citrus flavours, toss orange and clementine segments through your beetroot salad, for a fresh flavour combination.
If it’s a zingy taste that whets your appetite, then Lime Zest Infused Beetroot is the one for you. Enhancing salads with its refreshingly light marinade, this delightful-tasting beetroot is available during the summer months, when you need to boost the taste of a salad the most. It’s also great with fish and barbequed meat.

The aromatic and peppered taste of Juniperberry & Black Pepper Infused Beetroot enables it to easily accompany any mild cheese. Chop and garnish Caerphilly or Wensleydale cheeses on top a slice of crusty bread or serve alongside cold red meats, game and ham for a savoury supper that’s full of flavour.

For a tasty snack, enjoy Red Wine Vinegar and Orange Blossom Honey Infused Beetroot served with delicate slices of Parma ham and melon for a Mediterranean-themed light supper. Snack with mild or creamy cheeses and a chunk of fresh bread or serve with oil-rich fish, such as Mackerel or Smoked Salmon, for a nutritious power salad.

Beetroot is known and appreciated for its health-giving properties and the infused range makes them even more enjoyable. Offering a great source of dietary nitrate, these low calorie vegetables, relished in salads, starters and snacks, support a healthy lifestyle, as they’re packed with energy-laden nutrients.

Infused beetroots offer a unique and delicious way to add a splash of colour to your food. Completely versatile, the range adds taste wherever and whenever you want it, simply and naturally. No heavy-duty salad dressing or condiments are needed.

Infused Beetroots are available in major retailers nationwide and come in handy punnets for super convenience; you’ll find them on the refrigerated shelves in the fresh produce aisles. Just open and serve the beetroots as required.

· Spicy Sweet and Fiery Beetroot £1.50 p/180g (Tesco Finest)
· Sweet Chilli Rosebud Beetroot £1.59 p/180g (M&S)
· Red Wine Vinegar & Orange Blossom Honey Beetroot £1.59 p/180g (M&S)
· Sweetfire® Beetroot Wedges £1.49 p/180g (Waitrose)
· Juniper & Black Pepper in Red Wine Vinegar Baby Beetroot £1.25 p/150g (Morrison’s)
· Lime Zest Baby Beetroot £1.49 p/180g (Waitrose) – summer only
· Juniperberry & Black Pepper Cocktail Beetroot £1.50 p/200g (Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference)
· Sweetflame Beetroot £1.50 p/200g (Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference)
· Honey & Ginger Baby Beetroot £1.28 p/150g (Asda)

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