The UK is seeing a revival in the age old practice of taking of  'Afternoon Tea'.   As well as our 'coffee mornings', we now also meet for afternoon tea with friends more often and apparently the trend is growing. 

It's believed that the afternoon tea was the creation of Anna Maria Russell, Duchess of Bedford (3 September 1783 – 3 July 1857)who was a lifelong friend of Queen Victoria, whom she served as a Lady of the Bedchamber between 1837 and 1841.

Getting children to eat more fruit and vegetables can often be a challenge.

Nick has 10 top tips on how to encourage children to eat more of them and furthermore, how to enjoy doing it:

1. Firstly, don't stress (easier said than done, I know). No child is going to eat every kind of fruit and veg under the sun.

The British asparagus season runs from April to June and it is considered to be the best in the world, read on for fun facts and reasons to eat this great home-grown 'Queen of Vegetables' kindly provided by the British Asparagus Growers.

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National Nut Day is well established in the USA and now the promoters Liberation Foods CIC are making sure the same happens in the UK on the 22nd October!

Liberation Foods CIC are a farmer owned Fairtrade nut company. Brazil nuts, Cashews, Peanuts and Walnuts can be a good nutritional alternative to meat and dairy products.

Another benefit of using nuts as a substitute is that we can affect the greenhouse gasses issue and reduce use of valuable land resources by eating less meat and highly processed veggie products.