Many people think of lavender as nothing more than 'old lady' perfume and I have to confess that I once thought that way myself.   Now it's one of my favourite essential oils and it has so many uses. It's derived from the flowering tops of the plant and has a lovely, clear, light, floral odour.

Lavender is a calming, soothing and relaxing oil which can be used to induce sleep and relieve stress.  One of the most important physical uses of Lavender is for the relief of muscular pain and it is often used in massage blends for this purpose. 


However, it can be more easily used for a variety reasons in the home. For instance, flies hate it!  It doesn't kill the flies, but if you use a burner with a few drops of lavender added to the water most flies won't hang around for very long - they'll leave and go elsewhere. It doesn't carry the same risks to your family as chemical fly sprays do and it smells a lot nicer. To help deter flies from coming into your house in the first place, you can hang strips of whatever you have handy (cloth, kitchen roll etc) above your windows - place a drop of lavender on each.

Lavender is also useful for aiding sleep. I used it regularly in my childrens' bedrooms when they were young. A drop of lavender on their pillow always seemed to relax them and help them to drift off to sleep. When using this method, just make sure you place the drop right at the corner of the pillow to avoid contact with the eyes or face. During the winter months another method is to place a few drops on a cottonwool ball and put it on a radiator. The warmth causes the oil to gently evaporate into the whole room. Particularly useful on Christmas Eve! It goes without saying that burners should never be used in bedrooms.

A bottle of Lavender in the first aid box wouldn't go amiss either. It has both analgesic and antiseptic properties. I use it on small cuts and grazes, insect bites, nettle stings and also minor burns - it helps to reduce scarring with minor burns.

There are many other ways in which Lavender can blended and used, and I'll be talking about some of these at a later date. The above are just some quick and easy uses of Lavender on its own.

I believe all homes should have a bottle of Lavender in the cupboard :)

Avoid using during 1st trimester of pregnancy

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