February is said to be the month for love, but we don't have to limit ourselves just to Valentine's Day to be romantic....with the help of essential oils we can have many more romantic evenings (or days) throughout the year.   Once you've chosen suitable oils and stored them correctly (i.e. in a cool dark cupboard or box) they can be used for many occasions.

Some essential oils are considered to have more affinity with women than men, and vice versa, so with this in mind we can create a 'feminine' blend and a 'masculine' blend.  

To set the scene at home, select one or two of the oils from the blend/s you're going to use later....preferably in an oil burner. If you haven't got an oil burner you can carefully place a few drops in the molten wax pool which forms at the top of a candle, or simply place some drops of essential oil onto a cotton wool ball and tuck it behind the radiator.  

However, if you're planning a romantic meal first, be careful not to choose any of the very strong oils contained in the blend as these maybe a little overpowering at meal times. Choose lighter, citrusy oils such as grapefruit or mandarin - spiced up a little, if you like, with a couple of drops of black pepper.

So, now to the blends - two for the bath and another two for a sensual massage...


For the bath, run the hot water tap and pour some unscented bath creme into the bath.  Alternatively hold a tablet of unscented soap under the running tap water for a minute or so. The soap/bath creme enables the breaking down of the essential oils into the water.


Bath Blend 1 - (very) 'Feminine'

Two drops of Rose Oil ('aphrodisiac')

Three drops of Palma rosa Oil



Bath Blend 2 - 'Masculine'

Three drops of Jasmine Oil ('aphrodisiac')

Four drops of Grapefruit Oil


NB. Jasmine is an expensive oil and it can be substituted if preferred by a Ylang-ylang - sometimes referred to as the 'poor man's Jasmine' but which nevertheless possesses similar properties to Jasmine and the aroma is just as 'heady'.bath

Once the bath has been filled, swish the water around to create some lather and then add the required drops of your chosen oils. Gently stir the bath water to disperse the oils.  Two lovely aromatic baths, perfect for lovers.

Jasmine and Rose are considered to be the 'King and Queen' of oils.


For the massage blends, you'll need a carrier oil such as Sweet Almond Oil. If sensitivity to nuts is suspected, choose a vegetable or wheat oil.

Dilute into 30mls of carrier oil:


Massage Blend 1 'Feminine'

10 drops of Rose Oil

2 drops of Ylang-ylang

8 drops of Lemon Oil

10 drops of Palma rosa


Massage Blend 2 'Masculine'

10 drops of Jasmine or Ylang-ylang

5 drops of Nutmeg or Cinnamon

5 drops of Black Pepper

10 drops of Mandarin


Firstly protect the bedding with towels before commencing the massage.

Never just pour the massage blend onto someone's body - it will be difficult to control the amount of oil used and, in any case, it's not very romantic to just splosh a load of cold oil onto someone's back is it?

Pour a small amount of the oil blend into your cupped hand and allow it to warm gently before gently drizzling it from your hand onto the area to be massaged.  Repeat this process until there's enough oil to perform the massage without causing friction.

A word of warning:  nutmeg, cinnamon and black pepper can be skin irritants so don't use on sensitive areas such as the face and 'bits'....eeek!  :(

Happy 'Anytime' Day.....have fun!


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