One way to start is by getting smart about salt and understanding what it really means to have too much salt in your food. Evidence shows that on average, we consume up to 9 grams of salt a day when we should be having less than 6g. 75% of the salt we eat is already in the food we buy, is it any wonder that high blood pressure is so common in Western society?

In order to understand about blood pressure, first read my 'Know your numbers Blood Pressure' articles.

Pulse is just a way of measuring your heart rate, or put another way, the number of times your heart pumps out blood in one minute. Each time the heart contracts to pump blood around the body it sends a wave of pressure through the blood vessels called arteries.

The best measure of success can sometimes be to examine what was done in the past. Try recalling changes you have made previously that were successful- this can empower you to make future changes. Understanding what you are good at, what works for you and not necessarily for other people is a good basis to making changes.


 Consider these three questions:

  • · Why were you able to make the change
  • · What helped you succeed
  • · What has previously got in your way of success

One theory that helps us understand our struggle with change is a model developed by Drs Prochaska and DiClemente.  These doctors observed that people trying to quit smoking without help, moved through specific stages of trying to change to a life without cigarettes.