Whenever you would call me, I'd always be right there,
When i really needed you you didn't seem to care.
I'm a stranger in your world, I don't know where to turn,
You like to watch me waste my tears, and then to crash and burn.
I can't love you anymore, I fell for you too fast,
You dropped me when I needed you, you put me in the past.

I'm better off without you, I'll stand against the rain,
A thousand angels dance around me, they protect me from the pain.
I could have been your angel, you could have been my all,
I needed you to catch me, instead you let me fall.

Will you ever feel remorse for discarding me like trash?
For shattering my delicate heart into tiny shards of glass?
For destroying my trust in people, for taking away my laugh?

You hurt me more than words can say, you took my love and threw it away.
You were my lover and my friend. I hope I never see you again.
Now my eyes are open wide, My feelings - withered up and died.
I see your colours - mean and cruel now i know - you were the fool.



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