As well as helping general fitness, hooping is an excellent way to relieve the stresses and strains of everyday life!

Hula Hoop Dance Classes add dance to hula hooping with music....learn to spin the hoop around the waist, while dancing, twirling, moving the hoop up and off the body and jumping through the hoop to the rhythm of music.

Hooping is cardio without counting.  It improves core strength, tones your stomach, arms, thighs and backside.  It's a low-impact, high-energy workout that can burn approximately 400 - 600 calories in an hour and not only does your body benefit but also your balance and posture,  

It's uncertain when or where a circle of willow, rattan, grapevines or stiff grasses became a form of exercise.  It's believed that Egyptian children played with hoops made out of dried grapevines, rolling them with sticks or whirling them around their waist. The ancient Greeks used hoops to exercise and a vase in the Louvre [dated 500-490 BCE] shows Ganymede rolling a hoop.  However, there is no evidence that hooping was part of the early Olympics.

Hoops were popular in Great Britain in the 14th century as a form of recreation and religious ceremonies. It's thought the term "hula hoop" came from British sailors who had seen hula dancing in the Hawaiian Islands and thought it looked similar to the movements of hooping back home.  Hooping then became popular again in England in the 1800's, where children would roll hoops with a stick or spin the hoop around their waist.

Hula hoop dancing is an enjoyable way of getting fitter both physically and mentally....and it makes you smile!

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