Capoeira is not strictly a dance (is that a pun?) but it is an Afro-Brazilian art-form that combines elements of music and dance with martial arts and it's becoming increasingly popular in the UK as a form of fitness.

Its origins have been traced back to the arrival in Brazil of African slaves, around the early 16th century.  It's thought the slaves disguised the practice with music and singing to make it look like a game, as they were forbidden from training or fighting.

Capoeira is open to anybody, regardless of gender, age or fitness level and you will soon feel the benefits of regular training.  Capoeira is a great way to exercise the body and mind and with regular practice, Capoeira will also increase your awareness, speed, agility and flexibility.

So if you want to improve your fitness and are interested in music and Afro-Brazilian culture, Capoeira could be for you.


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