Ceroc, also known as Modern Jive, is a partner dance which merges together elements of Salsa, Jive, Swing, Lindy Hop, Rock and Roll and West Coast Swing - which makes it sound a lot more difficult than it is!  Although it draws from all these different dances, it doesn't have much of the complicated footwork associated with them which makes it far more accessible to beginners and (dare we say it) your average British male.

 Ceroc classes usually have a more evenly balanced ratio of men to women than some of the other partner dances because of the simple footwork involved, and it's danced by people of all ages.

Ceroc can be, and is, danced to all types of music - typically 60's through to modern chart music. -  and for this reason it's possibly the most versatile of the partner dances because it can be danced at parties, weddings etc. regardless of the style of music being played.  The best sort of footwear for women to wear is either flat shoes or smallish heels...it isn't really advisable to wear very high heels for Ceroc.  However, just as important, or perhaps even more important than heel height is the sole of your shoe...you need to be able to spin or turn easily so avoid shoes with too much grip or traction (such as trainers) or you'll find yourself planted firmly to the floor when everyone else is twisting and turning!  

Ceroc is a very popular dance and there are many classes being held throughout the country.   It isn't necessary to have a regular dance partner to go with...your teacher will rotate all the class members throughout the routine so that everyone dances and no-one is left out.  

Ceroc is a very sociable dance, ideal for novice dancers of all age ranges - it's easy, fun and excellent exercise too.  If you're new to Ceroc and would like to see what it looks like click the link below to see a demonstration given a few years ago in London.  Bear in mind that these are advanced Ceroc dancers (beginners won't be expected to do lifts, dips or 'acrobatics', so don't panic!) but it's a nice demonstration which shows the simple footwork - not that much different to walking!

Ceroc Demonstration by Clare and Seamus (Courtesy of Youtube)


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