March is the best month for spring green cabbage - this is when they're at their seasonal best, meaning better taste and better value!

Spring greens belong to the brassica family, and they contain natural compounds such as sulforaphane and indoles which it's believed contain anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties....helping to protect against heart disease and stroke.  They're packed with vitamin C which supports the immune system, and vitamin K which helps to build bone strength.

Look for small, tender leaves that look perky, sound squeaky and are not too floppy and tired and to make the most of the nutrients, refrigerate them and eat soon after purchase.

A quick and easy way to use up left over spring greens - delicious Bubble and Squeak.

Using a non-stick pan fry one onion until soft.   Add your cooked, shredded spring cabbage to cooked, crushed potatoes and fry.  When the mixture is brown and crusty underneath, turn over and brown the other side.

Delicious for breakfast with your bacon and eggs or as a light lunch with a nice crisp salad.

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